Nomad eCommerce

About This Solution

Nomad eCommerce is a complete, mobile-ready webstore capable of business-to-business transactions that are completely integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system.

Nomad is for companies that:

  • Recognize the importance of having their eCommerce webstore securely connected to their accounting and order processing systems
  • Have struggled with building their first webstore
  • Are frustrated with their non-connected eCommerce system

The advantages of Nomad eCommerce include:

  • Built-in integration between ERP and eCommerce (which means improved customer experience and lower costs)
  • Information shared seamlessly between your ERP and eCommerce site
  • Near real-time updates
  • 24/7 eCommerce site access for your customers

Nomad is also easy to design and administer and requires fewer resources from you – and it’s crafted with your business in mind.

More About This Vendor

Nomad is a certified Microsoft Dynamics eCommerce Solution – designed & built for seamless connectivity / synchronization with Dynamics CRM and ERP platforms. Nomad provides mobile-friendly webstore access; real-time integration; and 100% secure connections to back-end accounting / order processing.

Nomad has delivered hundreds of successful eCommerce connections to ERP software solutions since 2000. Our team is comprised of top-notch software engineers, graphic designers, project managers, and QA professionals in the software industry.