Enhanced Electronic Payments

About This Solution

Take the cost and compleixty out of processing payments!

Eliminate the costs, inefficiencies, and resource drain of manually processing domestic payments. MICR, ACH, EFT and Virtual Cards can all be handled through this service. You can choose to have service print and mail all your checks, with the option to print select vendors in-house. All payment types can be combined in a single Microsoft Dynamics GP payment batch to simplify the process.

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More About This Vendor

Accounts payable departments everywhere are moving away from paper-based, manual processes towards ever-increasing automation and electronic payment methods. Mekorma now offers a complete solution that can handle the transition without burdening your own internal staff.

Our product suite seamlessly integrates with your existing Dynamics GP procedures. Qualified clients that already own Mekorma can add services at no additional cost.

  • Multi-Batch Management automates payment batch creation and payables processing across company databases. EFT batches can be configured to send remittances, post, and generate the EFT bank file with one click. SafePay bank files can also be automatically created for your check and EFT batches upon posting. Whether you’re dealing with 20 or 200 batches, Multi-Batch Management’s one unified screen allows for quick and easy batch processing.
  • Enhanced Electronic Payments makes it easy to transition your vendors to accept electronic payments. MICR check printing can still be processed in-house or handled by the service. We do all the vendor onboarding and can move 75% or more vendor payments to EFT or virtual credit card processing, greatly reducing payment processing costs.

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