Act-On Marketing Automation

About This Solution

Integrate Act-On’s marketing platform with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and you’ll have the tools to make that data actionable - and the intelligence to make it personal.

Act-On pulls the leads and contacts you need for your marketing campaigns from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Unlike the majority of marketing automation platforms, Act-On doesn’t automatically bring across the entire Microsoft Dynamics CRM database. Instead, it allows you to choose the data you want to bring across, and then keeps the subset in sync and up-to-date. You can set your synchronization to occur in real-time or as a scheduled update.

More About This Vendor

Act-On Software is the leader in Adaptive Marketing solutions that empower marketers to achieve the purposeful and personalized engagement that their business needs to thrive. Act-On makes customer data actionable, enabling marketers to strategize better business outcomes, drive more relevant multi-channel marketing, and generate higher customer lifetime value–all with the fastest time-to-value.