Dynamics GP

The Big Secret to Painless Data Migration

Jet Reports
Legacy data is a key component to the success of a new ERP implementation or upgrade

The Future of Business Analyzer (BA) for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Business Analyzer (BA) for Microsoft Dynamics ERP has become a key element of Microsoft's strategy and vision for delivering rapid business intelligence (BI) and reporting value to customers.

Join Microsoft Dynamic ERP director of product management Errol Schoenfish for a new webcast exploring the Business Analyzer road map and its value proposition for customers. Topics of this webcast include:

P2P in 2020: What payables and purchasing will be doing in 2020

The future of managing Purchasing and Payables means constant change for you and your career over the next seven years. Increasingly, companies are not just looking for paperless, they are seeking managers who can transform AP and Procurement operations while demonstrating deft organizational leadership. The trick - determining how you fit into P2P2020. What skills are needed now and how can you get ahead of the curve? Which automation tools will help, not harm your career? How can you assure that you will be part of transformation of AP, Supply Chain and Purchasing? 

What the heck is the Internet of Things and why should Microsoft Dynamics customers care?

5 Questions to Answer Before Selecting a Business Intelligence Vendor

Halo Business Intelligence
How to assess a BI vendor's ability to truly access your critical data

Benefits of Decentralizing IT: Going Paperless and a Mobile-Equipped Work Force (Part 1 of 3)

Decentralizing IT – software choices in the user’s hand

The Evolution of Data Discovery

Reluctance is misplaced in 2014
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