Why Weak Accounting Leadership Stymies Great Accounting Software

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First, a disclaimer. I see and talk to a lot of people. Some are clients, some are prospects, some are people who reach out to me with questions. This post is amalgamation of something that has been nagging at me for months. It's not a reflection on any one company.  For example, I touched on some of this in a couple of previous MSDynamicsWorld.com articles including August of 2011 and  April 2012.


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Mark Polino is a Microsoft MVP for Dynamics GP and the Director of Client Services for Fastpath. He is author or coauthor of five books on Microsoft Dynamics GP. Mark has been working with Dynamics GP and its predecessors since 1999. He is a Florida licensed CPA and holds an MBA from Rollins College.

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Balancing control accounts to sub-ledgers

I can completely relate to this Mark - the one that I always find amazing is the number of sites that do not check their GL control account balance vs the sub-ledger. Or worse - they know that it doesn't balance but don't do anything about it!

We have definitely found that we need consultants in the team who have indepth understanding of accounting processes. I am not a qualified accountant (on paper) but I often find I have more accounting know how than some of the qualified people I work with.

Even worse: People Implementing who have no accounting backgroun

He mentions the customers who are accountants but aren't strong accountants. What I find even more reprehensible, is the number of consulting firms who have "Implementation Specialists" who have no accounting background and no current certifications. Not everyone has to be certified in a consulting company, just a limited number. I had someone go in and decide that the sales deposits feature was not working in GP because it didn't show in the A/R Trial Balance. It isn't supposed to, this is unearned income. The proper way is at month end to print the trial balance showing all deposits and match this up to your orders that have not been transferred to invoices (quick smartlist). If this is not done before more orders are transferred to invoices it is almost impossible to reconcile. Makes for more consulting fees for good companies, but makes the client question all GP consultants and well they should.

Customers should be asking if the person who is implementing their system
1. Has an accounting background.
2. Has current certifications and in what.