Sypnio is a new ISV focused on ACA reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP to process payroll in-house in the US, a newly formed company, Sypnio Software LLC, wants to offer you a way to comply headache-free with upcoming IRS employee tracking and reporting requirements as mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Based in Joliet, Ill., Sypnio has its roots in a product developed at InterDyn LANAC Technology, the Microsoft partner based in Chicago that developed ACA Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP and launched it in February 2014.

Sypnio's owner, Helen Karakoudas, had worked as a consultant with the ACA research and reporting team at LANAC. She recently bought the rights to the ACA-compliance software from LANAC and formed the independent company to support and further develop the product. And she's made the business a family affair. Her husband, Ernie Redfern works as the senior consultant, and her daughters are helping as well.

LANAC sold the rights to the ACA-compliance software to Sypnio so those companies that were interested in this compliance software would be dealing with a company that exists mainly to ensure that the software is modified to be in compliance with changes in the Affordable Care Act, said Dale May, president and CEO of LANAC Technology, in a blog post.

The company name (pronounced SIP-nee-oh) comes from the Greek word for "smart" and "sharp-witted." Karakoudas says that her company is focusing on client support and product development, guided by a focus on responsiveness. That means Sypnio will focus only on customizations for payroll processing and, in particular, on enhancements to its software for ACA compliance and ACA business intelligence.

"We see the need for nurtured evolution of products that tackle the employer reporting mandates of the Affordable Care Act," according Karakoudas. "And we're on it."

"There's a heightened awareness now about ACA compliance and ACA pay-or-play strategies as many companies that had put off transformation of their payroll systems are looking at the calendar and having a light-bulb moment," Karakoudas noted in the blog post. The penalty-assessment period, which the IRS had delayed twice, will start for most employers on January 1, 2015.

Sypnio's software offers the formatting for the mandated employer reporting as well as business intelligence such as forecasting of employee eligibility for health care benefits and what-if analyses for critical decision-making to minimize the risk of a company's IRS penalties, company officials said.

As an ISV, Sypnio will add to its product line with other enhancements for the payroll module of Dynamics GP but it won't pursue Microsoft partner certification as an ERP software reseller, according to Karakoudas.

"This structure allays Microsoft partners' fears that an ERP competitor could intrude on their client base and allows Sypnio to focus on client support for a product bound to evolve," she said in the blog post.

The developers who created ACA Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP, a team that has worked with every generation of GP, will continue to support the product.

"Demystifying the multitudes of ACA reporting responsibilities for employers and empowering Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll users to comply with them is what we do," she wrote. "Our fluency in ACA terms and our proficiency with ACA calculations makes for thoroughly crafted Dynamics-specific software that integrates with the Payroll module of Dynamics GP."

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