Three Steps to Taming Smartlist Sprawl in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Smartlist is an ad hoc reporting tool built into Microsoft Dynamics GP. The simplicity and power of Smartlist reporting is a significant differentiator for Dynamics GP, but like every good tool, its power can be used for good or evil. We talk about the good a lot, so let's spend a few minutes on evil.

The biggest negative for Smartlists is what I like to refer to as "Smartlist Sprawl". As Smartlists permeate an organization, users often find that they have a proliferation of Smartlists, many of them no longer used, or only used for a one-time event.  It makes it difficult to figure out which Smartlist to use to for a particular task. Users are also reluctant to change Smartlists that they didn't create, lest they destroy a report needed by someone else. Consequently, users simply create another Smartlist and contribute even more to the sprawl. It's a vicious cycle, but th


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About Mark Polino

Mark Polino is a Microsoft MVP for Dynamics GP and the Director of Client Services for Fastpath. He is author or coauthor of five books on Microsoft Dynamics GP. Mark has been working with Dynamics GP and its predecessors since 1999. He is a Florida licensed CPA and holds an MBA from Rollins College.

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Or use a smartlist to manage your smartlists

Create a smartlist using SLB10000 (Smartlist Builder Smartlists) to manage your custom smartlists. Utilize the note index with some of the recomendations in step 3 and display that column in your smartlist. Also, created/modified user id's and dates are available as columns.


I personnally feel that the Smartlists are a two edged sword. A smart guy can use this sword in a smart way to cut and chop. But I have seen cases where people have created smartlsts which nobody (including the person who created the smartlist) can understand after a couple of months. I think the advice in this article of "descriptive naming" and personalising smartlists is the right way to use this tool. Doing right the first time so that you dont have to revise it.

how i can remove the smartlist from some users


how i can remove the smart list from some users and make security password if someone try to add it.

thanks alot