It Was a News-Filled Year for Microsoft Dynamics--Our Top Ten Stories of 2008

2008 was a good year for Following the launch of the site last January, we were lucky enough to collaborate with a tremendously talented group of Dynamics experts who have written about a wide range of important topics. Looking back over the year, here are the ten stories (in no particular order) we judged to be the most important--based on their provocativeness and usefulness, along with reader interest and traffic:
  1. Why You Need a Champion for a Successful Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation, and Why That Person Isn't Who You Think It Is
    Dynamics GP expert Mark Polino has been involved in a lot of GP implementations, and he knows one of they keys to success is to have a champion - a user who embraces the system and becomes the go-to person internally for Dynamics GP.  In this piece, Mark dives into great real-life scenarios and project details that are often overlooked and under-appreciated until it is too late.  Learn from a seasoned GP professional in this insightful column.

  2. What Will Be the Most Important Performance Enhancement in Dynamics AX 2009? Try Scaling of the AOS
    Brandon George discusses the work that went into performance improvements to the Dynamics AX 2009 AOS to optimize hardware usage including 64 bit mode, greater RAM usage, and optimized use of quad core processors.

  3. Microsoft Officials Preview Dynamics GP 11.0 at GPUG Summit
    In the keynote kickoff session to the GPUG Summit 2008 in Las Vegas, Microsoft executives gave one of the earliest accounts of GP 11.0,  stressing their commitment to helping customers utilize Microsoft Dynamics GP to help move their businesses forward, while providing a sneak peak at what Dynamics GP 11.0 will offer.  Jeff Young, the product unit manager for Microsoft Business Solutions, spoke about how Dynamics GP can help drive business forward. What's important to consider, he said, when looking at your GP capabilities, is how you can "marry technology opportunities into business opportunities."

  4. Maximize Your Financial Investment in Dynamics During Uncertain Economic Times
    With the economy starting to look weaker in the spring of 2008, columnist Mariano Gomez laid out some timely and effective (and popular) tips on taking cost-effective steps to get the most out of a Dynamics implementation.  Mariano recommends looking at the details and at the long view - how well has the user base adopted the new system?  How are we calculating ROI?  What were we trying to achieve in the first place? As economic indicators grew ever tighter throughout 2008, these questions couldn't be more timely.

  5. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX May Look Similar, But Here's Why They Are Likely to Retain Different Architectures
    To the untrained eye, NAV and AX seem to cover similar ground in terms of business needs and value proposition.  But  in an exclusive interview, Microsoft officials told that not only are AX and NAV on different paths, their architectures will purposefully remain separate.

  6. Why Are Users Dragging Their Heels in Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009?
    In these two pieces, Dynamics AX expert Jeff Onesto lends his view of choosing the more mature AX 4.0 or the latest and greatest 2009 release.  Jeff breaks does a great job breaking down the risks and rewards of each option based on company size, goals, and direction. After his original overview of the upgrade prospects, Jeff looked back several months later at the reasons why adoption of AX 2009 wasn't as swift as expected.  He discusses the most important challenges including the economic outlook, Microsoft support, and the challenges of dealing with legacy customizations.

  7. Typical Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation Blunders
    NAV expert Vjekoslav Babic walks us through the research and the professional experiences that define successful and failed NAV implementation projects.  With so many possible challenges, ranging from inter-personal to organizational to project management, the chances of success can seem daunting.  But with the right expert guides and some smart planning, Vjekoslav assures us that success is a real possibility.

  8. How Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Will Use the "Role-Tailored" Interface to Allay the Fears of Reluctant Users
    In April, David Roys looked ahead at the coming NAV 2009 release, including the claims and promises made by Microsoft in the run-up to the release.  After the actual release, users responded favorably to their first look at the newest version of NAV.

  9. Integrating Dynamics Applications: Five Ways to Smooth Potential Organizational Conflict
    Given how easily Microsoft's desktop productivity applications integrate, you might expect the same kind of plug-and-play ease between the Dynamics ERP applications on the back-end and the specific CRM, RMS, and POS systems on the front-end. You'd be wrong. That's the nature of enterprise applications.  In this piece, Howard Baldwin talks with Dynamics customers and Partners for their view on the integration challenges and best practices awaiting your next Dynamics integration project.

  10. GRC: The Next Big Thing in Dynamics AX 2009
    GRC, or the Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform, and it is one of the major new features in the new release of Dynamics AX 2009. GRC is being talked about a lot by the top level management of Microsoft Business Solutions because of its growing importance in managing corporate governance and regulatory matters. CVP Kirill Tatarinov discussed it at this past year's EMEA Convergence in October of 2007.
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