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The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Forecasting, and How to Avoid Them

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Escape the supply chain fire and brimstone resulting from excessive forecast error

How Plugging Social Media Activities into Your CRM Can Ultimately Bolster Your Customer Service, Brand and Sales

A way of keeping a consistent, centralized record of all interactions and contact details

Why Project Accounting is Vital to the Success of Your Business

In the knowledge economy, understanding production costs requires a new approach

How Companies Can Rely on Project-Based Timesheet Solutions to Increase Profits and Surpass Competitors

Fully automating the timesheet process can reduce errors and staff time by 75 percent or more

Time Tracking: Is It Still Relevant in an Agile Environment?

How time reporting provides significant value to organizations practicing Agile development

Data Transformation for Delivering Business Intelligence: Step by Step

Explaining a four step approach to analyzing Microsoft Dynamics ERP data

Help Your Vendors Trash Paper Invoices, Eliminate Collection Calls, and Go Digital

Businesses can enhance their Microsoft Dynamics solution by eliminating paper

FIDO - The Data Retriever (SL)

PUBLISHED BY: Sandler*Kahne Software, Inc.

Manage What Matters: The Pareto Principle, ABC Analysis and How to Manage by Exception

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What ABC Analysis and the 80-20 rule mean for your business?
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