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Leveraging Information Management to Improve Quality Systems and Processes

M-Files Inc.
It's critical to establish document and data control processes

Empowering SharePoint Users with Purpose-Built Document Management

M-Files Inc.
Boosting the value of SharePoint

Metadata: The Foundation for Next Generation Enterprise Content Management

M-Files Inc.
More time for your organization to innovate, sell and outperform the competition

Document Management in the Cloud: Storing and Organizing Files and Records in a Hosted Environment

M-Files Inc.
Enjoy the benefits of scalable online storage capacity and robust file sharing capabilities

Easy Document Management: A Guide to Benefits, Features and Selection

M-Files Inc.
A more compact means of storage, universal access for retrieval, and higher levels of data security and privacy

Gartner’s 2013 Trends: Four That Apply Directly to Microsoft Dynamics Users

Look at these trends with a long‐term mindset

Data Migration and Systems Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Scribe Software
Choosing the right tools for project success
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