Microsoft Dynamics Experts features Microsoft Dynamics strategy and implementation articles by some of the leading authorities in the field. Contact any of our experts with your questions. If you would like to contribute articles or become an contributing expert, please contact: jgumpert @

AX Columns

  • Scott Hamilton, Consultant and Author
    An examination of strategic solutions for more effectively using Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Brandon George, Microsoft MVP, President - America’s Region, Hillstar Business Intelligence
    Brandon George provides expertise and insight on making Dynamics AX solutions work for your organization.
  • Mohamed Aamer, Business Applications Consultant
    With "AX Excellence", Microsoft Dynamics AX professional Mohamed Aamer focuses on Dynamics AX business challenges, solutions, and consulting best practices.

GP Columns

  • Mark Polino, Director of Client Services, Fastpath
    In his column on Dynamics GP, Mark Polino explores strategic and implementation challenges associated with ongoing usage of GP.
  • Mariano Gomez, EVP, Middlemarket Solutions, Intelligent Partnerships
    In his column on GP implementations, Mariano Gomez focuses on maximizing your Dynamics investment by managing critical capabilities and adoption.
  • Frank Hamelly, Senior Consultant, I.B.I.S., Inc.
    Frank Hamelly writes on leveraging the capabilities inherent in GP to maximize organizational efficiency and profitability.
  • Gloria Braunschweig, President, Dorian Enterprises
    Join Gloria Braunschweig of Oregon-based Microsoft partner Computeration for a look into a wide variety of in-depth, real life Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation challenges and their solutions.
  • Victoria Yudin, Founder, Flexible Solutions Inc.
    Victoria Yudin writes about trends affecting Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Vjekoslav Babic, NAV Consultant, Microsoft Services
    In his column on NAV, Vjekoslav Babic explores the possibilities for getting the most value out of their investment in NAV, and addresses the best practices, along with the dos and don'ts of a successful implementation.
  • Jörg A. Stryk, Consultant
    NAV/SQL Quickie explores technical and strategic challenges associated with Dynamics NAV and SQL Server.

CRM Columns

  • Sandor Schellenberg, Owner and Founder, friendlyITsolutions
    CRM Musings explores strategic and operational challenges having to do with implementing Dynamics CRM.

SL Columns

  • Jack Boyer, Founder, Boyer & Associates
    In this column Jack Boyer explores tools, implementation best practices, and accounting principles for Microsoft Dynamics SL (and occasionally GP).

Special Columns

  • An occasional series of articles looking at the strengths and weaknesses of various document management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics customers.
  • Jason Gumpert, Editor presents occasional special reports looking at important but less widely discussed Microsoft Dynamics product and market trends.
  • Andy Snook, President and CEO, Fastpath, Inc.
    Andrew Snook's Dynamics Security and Compliance column focuses on security and compliance issues related to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.
  • Bill DuBois, Senior Business Consultant, Kinaxis
    Industry experts from Kinaxis provide expert guidance and perspective on innovative supply chain management strategies.
  • Nick Sprau, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Metafile Information Systems

    AP/AR technology has the potential to transform a company's financial future. In AP Automation Essentials, Nick Sprau of Metafile explores the strategic considerations, functional requirements, and technological advances that enable companies to affect positive and productive change.