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The BIg Idea - Episode 1, Part 4: BI Isn't Just About Technology

In this final part of Episode 1, Halo Business Intelligence CEO Ray Major brings it all home and asserts that the purpose of business intelligence is to empower human intelligence, not just build fancy reports. If you look to BI to change the culture of your business and empower humans, instead of just another piece of technology in your organization, you will have a much more successful implementation and see a faster ROI.

Excel Hangout - June 2014 (Recorded Webcast)

Our expert panel return for a brand new hour of hanging out and talking Microsoft Excel.

Dynamics CRM Online one of Microsoft's big product bets in 2015, says channel chief Phil Sorgen

The BIg Idea - Episode 1, Part 3: 500 Decisions Made Daily

Business isn’t made of products or profits, but rather, its people and all the decisions they make.

The finer points of Microsoft Dynamics NAV account schedules: One comptroller’s journey

For Microsoft partners, Salesforce deal should reinforce Dynamics CRM strengths

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