BI & Reporting

Advantages of Implementing a Data Warehouse During an ERP Upgrade

Data conversion is one of the key activities involved in upgrading an ERP system

BI and Reporting Vendor Shootout - Spring 2015 (Recorded Webcast)

A review of BI and reporting vendor solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM market

Is It 'Big Data' Or Lots Of Smaller Data?

ERP for the Chemical Industry: Why you need more reporting than just financials

GP Insights

Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Install it all

Highly Successful Companies' Best-Kept Secret: Forward-Thinking Business Planning (Recorded Webcast)

learn how deFacto's award-winning business modeling and planning can give you a competitive advantage

Financial Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics Using Management Reporter (Recorded Webcast)

Learn the basics around Management Reporter - the new financial reporting package for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and the replacement product for FRx.
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Advanced Business Intelligence

PUBLISHED BY: I.B.I.S., Inc., a Sonata Software Company

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With all the challenges businesses face in today's complex environment, the stakes are just too high to base decisions on guesswork, rules of thumb or outdated information. You need real business insight, and you need it fast. Meetings that begin with discussions about whose spreadsheet has the...[READ MORE]

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